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                                             Christmas 1987

          This is the first annual Bill Frisinger family Christmas newsletter. Since we did not find our address book in time for any Christmas cards last year, we are well behind in keeping our friends and family up to date on what we are up to. With the children growing up and getting involved in their own lives, there is a lot going on. 

          Diane graduated from high school last spring and is now working full time at the largest pet store in Issaquah. She is very much enjoying the work, having always had a soft spot in her heart (head?) for animals. She does a lot of practical, veterinary care hence her stories about treating ringworm kittens and many scratches from ungrateful patients. In addition to her fondness for cats, she now likes parrots which apparently like her too. Clyde, the Macaw, wants to impress her, but that is too long a story to tell here. 

          Robert is a junior in high school this year. He also has two newspaper routes and is a shack manager for the newspaper. In the summer time he is active in bicycle racing. His track bike is a marvel to behold. It is the ultimate in a bare bones bike. It is a single speed bike without even brakes or a free wheel. He is best at track racing with the miss and out being his best event. 

          Ava was elected to the City Council in November 1985 for a four year term. She very much enjoys the work although meetings often run past midnight multiple nights a week. Issaquah is undergoing a major building boom because it now has the closest, inexpensive undeveloped land to downtown Seattle and a major highway construction program will shortly make the access to Seattle much better. Needless to say, the building boom will shortly negate any advantage of the new road but that is the story of the American urban highway system. She is also working full time at a market research firm where she supervises a team which tracks grocery and other retail markets. She is starting to work with customer satisfaction surveys. She has some great stories about the difference in attitudes between REI customers in San Francisco and Alaska. REI is the big recreational sports store based in Seattle. 

          I am still keeping busy at Boeing but am now working for a new division. It is called the "Advanced Systems Company". The meaningless name was apparently chosen to facilitate marketing hardware to the military. It is the portion of Boeing-Seattle doing military airframe work of which the Advanced Tactical Fighter is the biggest program publicly admitted to. I am currently working for a small group looking into airplanes which could be used to carry large radars capable of spotting stealth cruise missiles. I am still skiing having taken up telemark skiing last year. I now cross country ski with Ava, downhill ski with Robert and telemark ski by myself. I have as many different kinds of skis as Robert has different kinds of bikes. I am also president of the Enological Society of the Pacific Northwest, a state wide organization of wine consumers. 

                                        Love, The Frisingers

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