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  December 12, 1989 

          The Christmas season approaches wetter and warmer then normal in the 
Pacific Northwest. I have some earl y season discount ski tickets which expire on December 19 and it is looking like the ski areas will open later than that. To help get in the spirit of Christmas, Ava is playing some Christmas music by an English boys' choir. It is a sound I particularly admire since I'm unable to carry a tune across the street. 

          I got some complaints about the content of last Christmas's newsletter. view that as a good sign. Like being told "You don't seem like an engineer". Anyway on with the traditional stuff. 

         Due to a combination of circumstances, one happy and one sad, we went back to Michigan last summer. Ava and I spent time with all the relatives, then spent almost two weeks up at David Whitaker's Island in Northern Ontario near Little Current on Manitoulin Island. Mom and Dad enjoy spending their time doing nothing on the beach in Florida. That seems like a total waste of time to me, but spending my time doing nothing on the shores of McGregor Bay is heaven. I guess we all take after our parents in some ways but not others. 

         Robert is now a freshman at the U. of Washington living at home and commuting on the bus. HE finds college to be a VERY welcome relief from high school. Diane is still looking for the right job as a makeup artist. She is so young and cute that she is not a plausible candidate to sell makeup to middle aged ladies because no amount of makeup will let them again look as young and beautiful as Diane does now.

          Robert's jaw surgery of last Christmas was a complete success. He now has the proper amount of overbite as well as a couple of titanium plates in his head. His nose used to look OK but now it looks like Diane's.

        Ava won reelection to the city council in an uncontested race (the only way to go) I but the mayoral race was heavily contested and one we felt strongly about. I t too came out for the best.

         As is always the case I am working on a different ,job at Boeing . I am the technical leader on a contract to investigate a structural optimization program developed by the Air Force. It is an interesting job and perm its me to travel to Dayton Ohio where old friends, the Turner's live. It looks a lot like Michigan back there. I suppose a lot of the country does but it is all well removed from Seattle. 

        When visiting others, I enjoy looking in their bookcases to get an idea of what appeals to them. I thought I would take that idea one step further and share some of our reading habits over the year with you. Diane had been 
reading horror books like the Stand by Steven King and mythical stories like Riders of the Sidhe by Kenneth C. Flint. School has kept Robert's nose in Greek and Roman writing and he has 'enjoyed it so much he is thinking about 
taking Latin. Ava has been reading the Tony Hillerman mysteries and the J. A. Jance mysteries. The latter are interesting because they are set primarily in and around Seattle. I have been reading a bunch of WWII historical stuff as 
well as keeping up with the latest Tom Clancy and Ellis Peters (Brother 
Cadfael) books. 

          Have a good Christmas and may Christ be with you in the coming year. 

Love The Frisingers 

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