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December 22, 1996

            The most significant news of the year is that the winner in the race between Diane and Robert to see who gets married first has finally been settled.  Robert and Amber Argraves where married July 4th at a wedding held at the Hollywood school in Woodinville.  It is actually a former school which has been converted to a banquet facility.  It was a very nice wedding topped off with the community fire works display in a field across the way.  (It was the worst traffic jam I have ever been in leaving a wedding.)

            Amber has a 5 year old daughter Kaleigh so Rob and Kaleigh also exchanged vows appropriate for a father and daughter union.  Rob then carried Kaleigh as he and Amber proceeded out.  There was not a dry eye in the house.

            Our long time friend and Episcopal priest, Jon Goman officiated.

            The saddest news of the year was the death of Ava's Father, Jerry.  He died this summer in Clearwater Florida.  He had been in somewhat poor health for some years but had only been hospitalized for a few weeks before his death.

            Ava is back on the city council and is planning on making another bid for Mayor this November.  Ava also has a most unusual volunteer job.  She serves on the board that certifies US and Canadian schools of Planning.  As such she will make multi day visits to three colleges a year and attend a couple of committee meetings where reviews from all members are reviewed and voted on.  While there is no pay, there is an expense account that pales next to any other volunteer job I have ever seen.  So far Ava has visited Toronto and Des Moines and she has tickets for a trip to Los Angeles.

            My Boeing career has a switch to it.  This is my second year on the same program (Although by February I will have my third new work number).  Boeing won one of the two slots to build a demonstrator version of the fighter type airplane that we hope will be the mainstay of the US Navy, Marines  and Air Force in the twenty first century.  The plane should fly in about five years and would make nice end project to retire on.  It is called JSF or  X32.

            Our home remodeling continues. Rob has finished the upstairs hall and converted one of the front bedrooms to an office for Ava.  Rob's big remodel project has been the small house in back of ours.  He has put in a new foundation and completely remodeled the bathroom and kitchen.  The house was originally a couple of outbuildings for the chicken ranch that was here.  The original owner converted the two buildings into a cottage for his daughters to live in when they first got married so he could be certain that their husbands were really good providers before they moved away.  Two of the daughters did live there after getting married.  The third escaped to Colorado with her husband.

            One of the daughters lived there until her son was nine or ten before they moved into the house that they built next door.  That little boy is living next door now and has a teenager of his own.

            Robert's big challenge again this year has been to find a good paying job, particularly as Amber is expecting a little boy any day now.  Joshua Michael is the odds down favorite for the name.  Robert is still hopeful of getting into law enforcement work.

            Diane has switched answering service companies so she now has weekends off and no night work so that is a good change for her also.

            Let me again pass on our favorite books for the year.  Both Ava and Diane liked "The Shipping News" by E. Annie Proulx.  It was the winner of the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for fiction.  Diane reports that the latest Ann Rice is not up to the usual standards.  Robert has read no adult books worth recommending but the "Indian in the Cupboard" series  is the hands down favorite in his household.  My favorite book was "A Man Called Intrepid" by William Stevenson.  It is an account of the British intelligence operations leading up to an during World War Two.  It is particularly enlightening about the work done to get the US to come in on the side of the English and the work that was done with US undercover groups at defeating German efforts in the US who were trying to convince the US to stay neutral while giving secrets to the Nazi's.  History is normally taught in hindsight and it is treated as obvious that we would be part of the allied effort to defeat the Nazi menace.   It was not at all as obvious at the time.  With any luck, you can pick it up in a used book store. An excellent and sad book, "Every Knee Shall Bow", chronicles the tragedy at Ruby Ridge.  Another book that Ava and I particularly enjoyed is "Brother Cadfael's Penance", the latest in the medieval mystery series by Ellis Peters.  It was more of a novel then her earlier works and one of the best.

            Have a good Christmas and may Christ be with you in the coming year.


PS  Our phone exchange will change from 206 to 425 April 27 with both numbers working through Nov 16.  Our basic number will stay 392-5797.  By the way, Diane's is 557-4768 and Robert's is 557-8877.  All will get the new prefix along with anyone else you know on the east side of Seattle or North end.  Also our E:Mail address is frisinger@compuserve.com although the old E:Mail address still works.

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