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December 15, 1997

A Christmas message from the Frisingers

          "All votes counted and it's Frisinger for Mayor." The most exciting news from this household is Avaís success in politics.  Ava will be sworn in Monday January 5th although she is effectively mayor on the 1st.  Now she is meeting with department heads and generally preparing for the job ahead.

                To keep her self extra busy, she is continuing to  serve on the board that certifies US and Canadian schools of Planning.  This results in 2 or 3 five day trips a year.  Also her consulting firm, Green Heron Consulting Inc. has a new partner and more work.

                On the family front, Rob and Amber have a baby boy, Joshua who was born January 16th. He is an adorable baby, see for yourself on our web page. Rob is in the final stages of adopting Amberís daughter, Kaleigh, which we are all looking forward to.  She enriches our family.  Rob and Amber are living in the one bedroom house behind us.  It is nice to have them so close. 

                Diane is even closer, she is currently living with us.  She brought her two cats, Spanky and Areta with her so we are currently a four cat household.  It turns out Animal Control considers any home with more than three cats to be a "Hobby Kennel".  The cats are getting along fairly well but I feel it is only a matter of time before disaster of some kind strikes.

                I am staying busy at Boeing continuing to work on the Joint Strike Fighter, JSF or  X32.  I spent almost a month in Buffalo NY on a wind tunnel test.  While there, I spent Memorial Day weekend with my Sister Mary and her family.  I got the ultimate company trip this fall when I had a familiarization tour of the nuclear aircraft carrier, the Eisenhower.  On a Monday I flew to Norfolk Virginia.  Tuesday morning I flew out to the carrier which was stationed about 90 miles of the coast of Florida.  I spent 24 hours aboard the carrier watching flight deck and maintenance activities.  I was out on the deck during daytime launch and recoveries and was on the observation platform during night operations. Wednesday evening we flew back to Norfolk Naval Base.  My sister Ann lives right near by in Virginia Beach so I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday with her visiting Virginia Beach, Yorktown and Willimasburg.       I only had to take one day of vacation since Thursday was a travel day.

                Let me again pass on our favorite books for the year.  While on my trip to Norfolk, I purchased Firestorm by Nevada Barr.  It is one of a series of mysteries in which the lead character, Anna Pigeon is a law enforcement officer with the national park service.  The mysteries take place in lesser known parks.  Firestorm is set in Lassen Volcanic National Park.  The author gives a very good feeling of being there.  They are basically very visual.  The description of being in a little aluminum foil enclosure, nicknamed a shake and bake, when the firestorm overran their party was particularly gripping. 

Due to her busy schedule Ava hasn't read many books this year for pleasure.  She does enjoy reading the college self study files.  For the first time in many years Diane's fave is not an Anne Rice, although she hasn't finished recently published "Violin" by Rice she is going to say she preferred "The First Wives Club" by Olivia Goldsmith.  She says it was even better than the movie.

Our area code has changed from 206 to 425.  Our phone number will stay 392-5797. Our e-mail address is frisinger@compuserve.com

As a result of the campaign we now have a web page, http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/frisinger. In addition to items about Avaís political career and her company I have a corner called the Spouseís Corner.  Check there for the pictures of our grand children.

                We hope you are all equally blessed this joyous season.  Have a wonderful Holiday and may Christ be with you in the coming year.

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