A Christmas Message from Bill and Ava Frisinger,
             December 2008

Chefchaouen  Morocco

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Greetings friends and family,
2008 has been an eventful year with both ups and downs for us. The most dramatic and devastating event in our lives this year was the premature birth and passing of our grandson Keegan Robert Frisinger on June 4th.  He was very premature, living only 6 hours.  His parents, Rob and Amber, had not expected to have another child but were ecstatic when Amber became pregnant early in 2008.  Although Keegan can never be replaced they would like to have another child so they are working very hard to do so.
Rob and Amber's other kids are doing well.  Joshua, soon to be 12, has moved up to Boy Scouts and, as all young men are, is an active gamer.  He is also involved in drama and in fact just played the lead male role in “Scrooge Has Left the Building”.  Kaleigh, age 17, now has a serious boyfriend.  It is nice to see young love from the grandparent's viewpoint.  You can better appreciate the innocent beauty of it without worrying as much about the possible hazards.  Amazingly she reserves time for her other interests which include; glassblowing, photography, and oil painting.   She also is working almost full time framing houses with her dad.
We got another shock when our son in law Scott Lindstrand was hospitalized with Meningitis.  It was extra tense at first because we were in Morocco and the doctors have to assume it is the most virulent strain possible until they get the lab results back.  Although it was the least serious strain, viral, it hit him hard and fast.  He is on the road to recovery but it has been slower than one might hope.  Diane and Scott's daughter Ava, soon to be 4, is as cute as ever.  She has transitioned from a toddler to a young lady.  However, when she has meltdowns they are, unfortunately, strictly toddleresque.
Ava and I have been staying reasonably healthy.  Ava gets frustrated with the city council but other wise continues to enjoy her work as Mayor.  Her term Ava and Bill Frisinger, 2008is up next year and she is trying to decide whether to run again.  If she did that would make it her fourth term.   While she is much younger than John McCain, she has been at this long enough that it gives one pause before jumping in, however she probably will.  In September Ava and Diane attended a triple bill rock concert of Cheap Trick, Heart, and Journey from the 7th row center stage.  They returned late, worn out and very pleased.
I am staying busy with my weekly hikes, tutoring at the Juvenile Justice Center, church activities and happily being a well leaned upon father and grandpa.
We had an unusually large amount of snow in the mountains last year.  At its Car and trailer in the big snowdeepest, the top rail on the fence around the horse pasture was just a bump in the snow.  What kept the horses in was that they like walking in deep snow even less than people do, especially in a direction away from where their food and water is.
This year we did another of our foreign trips with our good friends Walt and Peggy Johnson.  This time we took a three week trip to Southern Spain and Morocco.  We flew in to Madrid then immediately caught one of their high speed trains down to Cordoba.  From there we took the train down to Algeciras at the Straits of Gibraltar.  From there we took the ferry to Tangier in Morocco.  Once we got to Morocco our friends from our sister city in Chefchaouen picked us up and treated us like royalty for our total time there.  We visited two days in Chefchaouen, a city just a little bit larger thanStudents studying English Issaquah and situated in the mountains. We even visited the English class of the teacher who was taking us around.  We then spent a full day in Fez before heading back to Spain.  We finished up with about 4 days in Granada and then Madrid.   The picture at the top of the page is of Chefchaouen.
Diane has two favorite books this year which may speak to her split personality. One is Anne Rice's An Interview With A Vampire and the other is the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.  Little Ava Ann likes Go Dog, Go! by P. D. Eastman.  Big Ava's favorite book is Merle's Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog by Ted Kerasotes.  Mine is Code to Zero by Ken Follett.  Rob and Amber's favorite is Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil by Deborah Rodriguez.  Kaleigh likes The Twilight Saga a series by Stephanie Meyers.  Joshua likes Seekers, The Quest Begins by Erin Hunter.

I am working on the rough draft of this letter at a hospice facility in Michigan.  My good friend for over 50 years, David Whitaker, is on his last legs.  He is the person who used to own the island in Georgian Bay that Ava and I have visited so often.  Many pictures of the island are on our web site www.frisinger.net then click on ISLAND.  Dave and I have enjoyed many great times together over the years so it's important for me to be with him now. 
May the New Year be a bright new start for us all. 
           Yours Truly,
                          Bill Frisinger


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