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Piriform Download Notes

There are various good programs from Piriform All free but they encourage a donation.

CCleaner, deletes junk files, cleans the registry, manages start up programs etc.  I use it all the time.

Speccy  Gives all kinds of specs on your computer, have used, seems to work well.

Defraggler   A disk defragmenter.  I typically use the one in Windows but this should a good free alternative if you want one.

Recuva      A program to recover (undelete) deleted files from the hard disk, USB drive, camera or IPOD.  First try your recycle bin.  After a while it becomes imposable
to recover the file because the space is overwritten but this is always worth a try.

Downloading files from Piriform is somewhat confusing as they are trying to get you to spend money.  (Do consider giving them a donation).

1)      From   select the desired product.  If  you find your self at at any other web site,  go back to piriform because the others insist on installing browser add-ons.

2)      Click on the obvious green download button in the middle of the screen.  Avoid the paid versions as the free one is generally adequate.

3)      IGNORE the big green button in the middle of the screen that says “By Online and DOWNLOAD”.  Instead scroll down to where it says “Download from”

4)      At this point you will probably have a banner at the top of your browser window warning you about the download.  Click on it and grant permission to down load it.

5)      Click “Run” then “Run” again.

6)      Select language, then “Next” then  “I Agree”

7)      Then “Next” to go with the default Destination Folder

8)      Then look CLOSELY at the “Additional Options”.  You want to automatically check for updates, you may want to  add a Desktop Shortcut and add the item to the Start Menu.  Be very suspicious of extra browser toolbars like the one from Yahoo.  In my opinion the clutter up your browser and reduce the size of the window.