Paperwork that was filed when the Good Ship Peggy landed in Philadelphia

The Peggy pages are from Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph Beaver Stassburger (1883-1959), LL.D edited by William John Hinke, PHD, D.D Volume 1   1727 to 1775, Published by the Society in 1934.

(LL.D stands for a doctorate level degree in law or in some cases an honorary degree,
D.D. is a doctor of divinity) 

A summary of the interesting text with the original spelling follows:


List of Foreigners imported in the Ship Peggy, Capt James Abercrombie, from Rotterdam. Qual. 16th Octr 1754. N° 107.

Danl Beneset.

Admitted by the Mayor in the Absence of the Governor.

[List 223 C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, Wednesday, the Sixteenth Day of October, 1754.

Present: The Worshipful Charles Willing, Esquire, Mayor.

The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Peggy, Capt James Abercrombie, from Rotterdam but last from Gosport, did this Day take the usual Qualifications to the Government. 10 Roman Catholicks .. [108] Souls. [ .... ]  Whole Freights. [From] Wirtenberg & the Palatinate

Significant foreigner on board from our standpoint:

Ludwig Fridrich Freysinger

(I assume the spelling "Fridrich"  was an error made when the information was originally written down or by the person typing up the original hand written pages as the spelling “Frederick” occurs in a bunch of other American Places.  However there is a good chance the original German spelling was "Friedrich" which translates to "Frederick" in English.  He may have used the German spelling with a minor error on the first papers in the America but switched to the American spelling shortly after.  The first name, Ludwig is apparently spelled the same way in Germany and America so this issue does not occur with the first name.  It is also worth noting the spelling used in the Marriage Feast invitation is "Friedrich")

Medical report at the end of the list

Octob. 15, 1754.


According to Directions we have carefully examined the State of Health of the Mariners and Passengers on board the Ship Peggy, Cap' Aubercrombie, from Roterdam and found a few of them in a low weak condition, but no Disease amongst them which we apprehend infectious.
To his Honour                                                                                                              Tho.  Graeme

The Governour.                                                                                            Th. Bond

[Endorsed :]

15th October 1754. Doctors Certificate relating to the Ship Peggy


pa_g_p_639  The very last line starts the relevant material

pa_g_p_640  Has the body of the interesting material.

pa_g_p_641  The last of the passengers and the doctors report

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