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A good general Astronomy site is Heavens Above.  It has sky charts which include the planets and satellite info.  They also have information about how to see Iridium Flares (Bright lights which are caused by the sun reflecting of the large antenna on the Iridium satellite a mobile communications satellite system.)

Study what will be in the night sky when you get up to the Island.

The island is at about Latitude 45.9; Longitude -81.9

The Northern Lights

Aurora Nitrifications of activity
http://www.aurorawatch.ca/content/view/81/99999 is a web site of the University of Saskatchewan that will send out notifications.
To just see what the current activity is go to: http://www.aurorawatch.ca/

A good background article is HERE.

One way geomagnetic activity (Aurora Strength) is measured with the Kp Index.

You can also find out the minimum Kp index number is to see it for any location on a dark clear night at midnight  (The best time).  If it was 8 PM instead of midnight the Kp index would need to be about 2 higher.

KP = 5 at the Island

KP = 7 at Seattle or Detroit

I can not find any sites that are currently using the KP numbering system.

 Couple of other interesting sites:


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