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Views Around the Island




Nature's Arrangement




McGregor Point from the south tip of the island





This picture was taken in 2000, the last summer for Ben at the island




Dave's mother, Martha Whitaker, planted these chives soon after the cabin was built and they have been thriving ever since.







This is looking south from the west side of the island.  The picture on the right is a detail showing how the wind has effected the shape of the trees.



The view to the west has changed the most since the cabin was built.  We used to put the boat in at this location, now there is a port facility for cement.  Big freighters come in periodically bringing cement for interior Ontario.  



The boats are probably of ordinary size by Great Lakes standards but HUGE by McGregor Bay standards.  I once saw one just off the island while on a midnight rendezvous with the outhouse.  All lit up like a Christmas tree, a silent wondrous sight, which we usually gather to see.


"Pineapple" Tree





Storm Clouds in the East





Ben with his morning cup of coffee





South side




South side of the island



A view of Quartz Rock from the south side of the island.


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