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Island Activates




Island record fish catch


The record catch for people at the island is this 15 pound , 42 inch long Northern Pike caught by Troy Schneider in 2004.






After the glory comes the work.  Dave is supervising.





This 1963 shot of David Whitaker cleaning his biggest catch.  Notice the tools used to cut the head off.







 There is always time to relax on the Island.  Troy and Eric are particularly good at this.




"There's nothing to do."
"So what's your point?"

  Here Don is doing a GOOD job of melting his job stress away.




  Brenda sunning herself. When spotted her comment was
"It was private till you got here with your camera."










 Just doing nothing is always a permissible activity. Here Eric Momold does this as a young child and again in 2004 in his late teens.





 Eric reading on the cliff and probably his brother Rex reading down near the water.






Water Fun, the Memolds.







Cliff Diving,
It's About 10 Feet Down!!!
Megan Olson is not deterred.













There all plenty of tasks for large and small.   Rob Frisinger and his son Joshua are both working to capacity. (2001)



There is always a time to play once the work is done.  Here Joshua is chasing his sister, Kaleigh, around the tree that is just a few feet from the front porch.  (2001)






Exploring the island is always a good thing to do.  It was years before I found this small "cave".  It is big enough for a grown man to get into but not someone who was afraid of spider webs.




 Diane Menold getting in a little repelling practice on the Island.






Don and Sharon Schneider explore the area in their kayaks, 2005.





If all else fails


It was a cold and rainy day.


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