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Some Other Web Sites of Interest

Water & Weather

Lake Huron water level history and forecast on a monthly type time frame by US Army Corps of Engineers

Lake Huron water level history and forecast on an hourly type time frame by US Army Corps of Engineers.  This would be an interesting site to visit when there was a storm in the area because it displays a map of the whole lake color coded to water level.

Weather at Gore Bay, it is fairly close to the Island.  It is on the north shore of Manitoulin Island.

National Data Buoy Center, Eastern Great Lakes gives the current weather and water conditions at a large number of buoys.  The nearest one is in the North Chanel.

Greater McGregor Bay Area 

Geology of the of the McGregor Bay - Bay of Islands Area  Districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin by K.D Card, published by the Ontario Division of Mines, Geoscience Report 138.  It also includes regular history of the area including a map of trading routes and locations of trading forts.

North Channel Preservation Society and a collection of pictures of Baie Fine.  (Their spelling of "Baie")

McGregor Bay Association  Appeared dead on 3/21/04

Birch Island Lodge  Site Down 1/18/05

McGregor Bay Lodge, Formerly Turners' McGregor Bay 

http://www.ecottagecanada.com  Cottages for sale in McGregor Bay and beyond.

Photo Gallery


Manitoulin Island

Background on Manitoulin Island   includes a chat area for Manitoulin Island related subjects.

Another site with background on Manitoulin Island, sponsored by the local newspaper, the The Manitoulin Expositor 

Turners of Little Current 253-657-1228, they take phone orders and mail them out.

Web site devoted to Manitoulin and the North Channel

Links to web pages dealing with Manitoulin Island

Killarney Area 

Killarney Provincial Park 

Killarney History

The Sportsman's Inn Killarney the web site is down on 1/19/09.  The lodge was apparently getting a major upgrade in 08 so it is probably still in operaton.

Killarney Mountain Lodge

Mill Lake Lodge

Killarney Kanoes (and outfitters)

Georgian Bay 

President Roosevelt's fishing trip to McGregor Bay during a stopover on his way to Quebec City to meet with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1943. 


Great Lakes Information Network

Blue Water Books and Charts, Charts of McGregor Bay as well as many other places world wide.  Since the site has been updated, I can not find anything.  2/3/09

Janie Panagopoulos is an author of historical children's books who has been to the island and is working on a boot set in the area.

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