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Explore the greater Seattle area by bus with Dave Waggoner's monthly metro adventures departing the bus stop in front of the Police Station on Sunset in Issaquah the 3rd Thursday of the month USUALLY at 10:15.

Dave, a recently retired Metro driver is a tireless booster for bus travel. One of the ways he does this is by leading monthly bus trips.
These have been going on for some years for Issaquah Residents. The principle audience is seniors but all are invited.

museum of flight
January 2016 saw us at the Museum of Flight , the weather was particularly good for January in Seattle.

Burk Museum trip
The November 2015 trip was to the Burk Museum but we did not get any group pictures there.  We had lunch at The Cedars of Lebanon Restaurant.

The Issaquah group boarding the Seattle Water Taxi for West Seattle, Aug 20, 2015

lunch t saltys
Lunch at Salty's  in West Seattle, Aug, 20, 2015

Viaduct Replacement tour
It was a gray day when we toured the Viaduct replacement effort. It  was a drizzly day but not as bad as it looks in this picture. September 17th, 2015



Next Trip:
Ride the FREE 200 bus to Swedish Hospital in the Highlands with Lunch at Café 1910, meet at the City Hall bus stop no later than 10:15 am on June 16th  (Check back the start time my change)

July 21 Trip: Ballard Locks & Picnic

August 18th trip: Bremerton via WA State Ferries 

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Other news:

Metro employee news article about Dave

Metro periodically is in town selling Orca cards.  As the last time was in September, it will be a while before they are back. They  sell the Orca cards in  the Eagle room of the police station from 10 to 1.  This is the room on the left as you enter the lobby.

March 2016 trip
Dave, Judy, Vivian, Paula & Roberta at the De Luxe, Capital Hill

Christmas lights tour



Our December 2015 trip was with MEHVA’s (The Metro Employees Historic Vehicle Association) annual Santa’s Lights tour!




Thai restaurant, Bai Tong, in the Grand Ridge Plaza 

Thai restaurant, Bai Tong, in the Grand Ridge Plaza, October 15, 2015


Sfeco Field
Dave, Roberta, and Bill at Safeco Field, June 18th, 2015


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