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Use your laptop or desktop to find a bus to your desired destination from any starting point at some time in the future


  1. Fire up Google Maps on their web site (as opposed to their app) at https://www.google.com/maps

  2. Type in the address you want to go to.  Often you can just type in the name of the business.  You may have to add the city to be unique.

  3. Tape on  “Directions” below the blue arrow with a “Y” and put in the address of your starting pant.  It may pop up some alternate suggestions as to just what starting point you want.  Pick the correct one.

  4. Then click on the bus icon along the top.
    It may show multiple routes, the nominal one in blue and a variations in gray with travel times next to each.  Tap on your desired route.

  5. If you want the schedule for a different time of day, then at the bottom of the drop down menu select “Schedule Explorer” (Note:  If you have not already specified start and end points this option does not appear.)

  6. Then in the upper left of the blue bar select whether you want to select routs by “arrive by” or depart by”

  7. To select the desired time use the forward back arrows to the right of the time.  You can adjust the date the same way.  Schedules for all weekdays are normally the same.

  8. Dots mean walking time, slashes mean wait time.

  9. You will probably see multiple options.

  10. To see details of a route, click on the route then the blue  word "Details" below the route description.

  11. To go back and look at a different route, click on “schedule explorer” just above the route details or click on the X to close the schedule detail window and then at the bottom of the drop down menu select “Schedule Explorer” like you did originally.



Rev 9/10/15