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Mayor's Acceptance Speech

January 5, 1998

TO: City Council

SUBJECT: Acceptance Speech

"I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills," old words of inspiration, old words speaking of trust and pledges. These words speak of a much greater pledge than those that are made between people. Yet the pledges we make to one another should not be taken lightly.

Our form of government is built on pledges, on trust, and the knowledge that any power government has is delegated to it by the people.

The City of Issaquah is committed to the preservation and enhancement of our unique human and natural resources. The policies set by our City Council, and carried out by the office of the Mayor through the City's departments, are driven by this vision: to protect our streams, wooded hillsides, and the surrounding mountains and to meet the needs of our citizens.

The challenges we face aren't unique. Their list is long. Growth and its side effects place a burden on our natural resources. Traffic, disappearing open space, threats to water quality and abundance are real. We can't wish them or each other away. It is crucial that we all work together for a sustainable Issaquah, that we steward the resources we use every day so that those who follow us will have a healthy place to live.

Issaquah has dedicated resources, in partnership with King County and the Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Agency, to launch a sustainable lifestyle campaign throughout the Issaquah School District starting this year. As Mayor, I pledge to help us become a sustainable community.

Nothing that we do as a City is done in a vacuum. The Comprehensive Plan that shapes our future, our zeal for holding fast to our small-town image, our extraordinarily high level of volunteerism are citizen driven. Commonweal, the old-fashioned concept of the public good, goes unheard amidst the noise of angry and fragmented interest groups. I want the people of Issaquah to listen to one another to pursue mutual goals. Only if we will work together as a community, will we sustain our vision. As Mayor, I commit to citizen participation and civility.

I accept the challenges and responsibilities that this office and public service bring. I am honored by your trust. I promise to do my best to be worthy of it. There is a lot of work to be done. I look forward to sharing it with our policy makers, with our able staff, and with the people of Issaquah, all of whom care very much about what happens to our town. I will lift up my eyes unto the hills and remember the strength of that old pledge. Thank you.

Mayor Ava MacD. Frisinger

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