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What is your position on the bypass?

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) must be completed so the Council may make an informed decision.  We need a factual basis for any decision.

Why do you think your opponent opposed completing the EIS after 4 million dollars had been spent on it and shortly before it was due to be completed?

He does not want to know what is real nor what the public actually thinks about the proposed project once the EIS is completed.   I recognize that Issaquah residents shouldn’t bear the burden of regional traffic.  The County Council recognizes that as well which is why the County has funded the EIS to the tune of $2 million and has another $2 million reserved for the design if  a build decision is made.  Please see their letter on the topic of the EIS by clicking HERE.


The planned route runs behind three Issaquah schools.  With that in mind what is the Issaquah School district’s position on the project?

The school District wants the Bypass and says the no build option is unacceptable because of the traffic congestion and school children safety in front of the three schools and the bus barn.


Your opponent claims “documented Transportation Levels of Service show that all of the "Build Alternatives" make traffic worse than the "No-Build Option”.  What do you think?

No one knows what traffic will be like 25 years from now.  I-90 ramps at the Sunset interchange will be congested in 25 years.  Traffic will be significantly worse sooner without the Bypass.

Four years ago my opponent’s fix for traffic congestion was to make all city roads 25 MPH, and make traffic congestion so bad no one would drive here.  This year he claims cars will “disappear” from our streets.


Are Concurrency and Capacity the same thing?

Concurrency means you have enough roads or other transportation (transit) to match your planned housing population numbers in six years of the time the people arrive and development happens.  Concurrency can be defined many different ways.  Some cities such as Kirkland, define existing congestion levels as concurrency.  Issaquah could do the same and live with clogged streets as my opponent proposes.  

Concurrency doesn’t add capacity or reduce congestion.  In fact, my opponent wants to add cars to our already congested streets.

The only capacity building project he has supported so far is traffic synchronization, a proposal that all support.  Will he support widening Newport way, Front Street?   The idea that you can add development without infrastructure doesn’t work.  Ask the residents of Sammamish and other parts of the Plateau.  For years they were told to fight roads in the belief that would stop development.  Now they are struggling to catch up.

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  Rev. 10/16/05