I Want To Help

There are numerous ways to help keep Issaquah strong 
with Ava continuing as Mayor.


   Yes, I endorse Ava Frisinger for Mayor of Issaquah           

You may use my name. Please sign.

I volunteer to:     c Hold a fundraiser                  c Wave signs       c Post a yard sign                             c Doorbell

c Host a house party                   c Phoning             c Other Yes! 

I will make a financial contribution.  Please make your check payable to Ava MacD Frisinger.

c $1000   c $750   c $500   c $250   c $100   c $50   c Other $

Name (s)______________________________________________________________________________


City ________________________________State___________________Zip_________________________

Phone __________________________________________________E-mail_________________________

Required under campaign finance regulations for contributions of more than $100 in aggregate.

Employer _________________________________________Occupation____________________________

City _________________________State__________________

Please let us know of your interest by emailing us at:  ava@frisinger.net
calling 425-392-5797, or mailing us at:

Re-Elect Frisinger Mayor
70 East  Sunset Way,   PMB 133
 Issaquah WA 98027   

If mailing you can just print out this page, fill it in and mail if off.

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