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I am the web master, Bill Frisinger. I can be reached at: bill@frisinger.net

Please let me know of any problems you find with the site and feel free to offer suggestions. I am an atrocious speller and would appreciate your suggestions about alternate spellings that might be more in keeping with Webster.

As with all web hosts, I want to know about any dead links. Weeding them out is a never ending task.

I am also a miserable speller so feel free to let me know about any errors, I promise not to take offense. Also let me know about anything else you think I should hear.

I have started to make the site more handicapped accessible. I am using a shareware program, A-Prompt version 1.0.6 to help in this. This program is a joint effort of the University of Toronto and the University of Wisconsin.

Moving About:
Try double clicking on all pictures, most have links (as shown by the way the curser changes shape when it is over it) Ditto for underlined for text in blue. There may be a menu item at the top of bottom of the new page that will bring you back or you may have to use the back arrow in the upper left corner of your browser. You will always have to use the back arrow after looking at the enlarged pictures.

I generate everything on a PC.  I try to make things Mac compatible.  Recently I discovered that Macs have trouble reading .WMV video files.  I have added a note to where Mac users can get a program to view them and I am adding links to Youtube sites that have the same video.

I originally sized the pages for 800 by 600 displays and a dial up connection.  In 2009 I am assuming at least a 1024 by 768 display and  a somewhat faster connection although I still try for a fairly fast download.

Purpose of this web site:

The original primary purpose was as a web page for my wife's campaigns for Issaquah City Council and later mayor.  She is now out of politics so aside from some archive information, it is just a family web site with extra information about and island in McGregor Bay Ontario that used to be our favorite vacation spot.  We quite going there when the owner died.  I have also added a lot of stuff related to computer maintenance and user notes for some of my favorite smart phone apps, mostly photo and mapping related. I needed notes for myself and it is often helpful to have them available when I am fixing computers for others so I have them on the web for all to use.  I have recently added a very small amount of information specificity formated for smart phones.  You will automaticity go there when logging in from a smart phone.  You then have the option of going to the main site.

Some Site Statistics
9/2/2002 10/18/05 8/9/15                
253 610 875   Pictures
293 382 660   External Hyperlinks
760 1402 2889   Internal Hyperlinks
326 748 1184   Files
    29   Broken Hyperlinks Mostly pages under development, or CSS files that I do not understand.

My Hit counters are reset periodically.  My daily hits are in the single digits.

I cannot remember when the site first got started but it was up by the summer of 1997. It was originally hosted by my internet service provider and I used Microsoft Word as my HTML editor. In January 2000 I got my own web address and started using Front Page around that time. Front Page is probably over kill but Microsoft Word was definitely underkill.  In 2008 I switched to Microsoft Expression Web.
I try to check for dead links about every 6 months but sometimes I am way behind. As anybody who hosts a web site knows, keeping up with changes in linked pages is always a job and sometimes great information seems to disappear entirely. When ever you find a dead link let me know. I hate it when someone says "Oh, that site has been down for months."
My home page typically gets about 2 hits a day and the Island web page gets about 4 a day. 
Why is this a .net site? 
Nothing else seemed to fit any better and frisinger.com was taken. Since this is not a business .com did not seem particularly appropriate any way. This may grow into the e-mail address for a lot of Frisingers so .net would make more sense.

Web Host
This web site is being hosted by http://www.fatcow.com and am paying $66/Year. At this time I am quite satisfied with their service.
They periodically lower the price or add more free space.  They do not automatically extend the new stuff to you but if you call up and complain you can get the improvements.  They do want you to set up the account so it is automatically renewed unless you call an tell them not to.
This rate includes:

  • Unlimited Disk Space for Your Files  (I use 0.04 GB) If you press them it is not unlimited but it is large.  My church stores lots of videos of services and it does not have enough space for that.
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer
  • 100 Email Accounts  
  • 25 Meg storage for each e-mail address  (Can be enlarged, when I was taking a long vacation I requested 50 Meg and got 75 at no charge) I now have my e-mail set to only store the emails for a certain amount of time so the problem no longer shows up.
  • ShopSite Starter    (Have not used it)
  • Friendly Toll Free Support  (and I found that to be so.)
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Webstats  (Quite confusing but I assume theirs is the standard form)
  • Brightmail Anti-Spamô  (Works great!!)
  • WebMail     Works OK, sometimes I have problems with attachments.  I have not bugged their support people about it yet as I can always get everything when I get back home.
  • Front Page Extensions
  • Click HERE for full details.