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A Christmas Message from Bill and Ava Frisinger, December 2001

Bill Gets the Holy Ghost and Retires

It has been an eventful year for me.  These are two significant events in my life and even though they happened within a few days of each other, they are unrelated.  Let me explain.  As I mentioned in last year’s newsletter, I have started attending a Pentecostal church while in California.  One of the core beliefs is in Acts 2:38, “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”  This wording is from the King James Version.  Some other versions are significantly different but both the Jerusalem Bible and the New English Bibles, for example, are about the same.  At any rate speaking in tongues is considered a sign one has received the gift of the Holy Ghost (Spirit).  Now getting an old engineer sufficiently free of his hang ups to speak in tongues is not easy.  We tend to be as computers rather than little children when we deal with God.  This does not seem to be a positive addition to our relationship with Him.

To cut to the chase, I was finally able to speak in tongues at a revival service Friday July 27th at the St. Mary’s County, Maryland Fairgrounds.

My work as part of the JSF flight test team had taken me to Maryland where the Navy has its principal aircraft test facility at the Pax River Naval Air Station.  Saturday, July 28th we were due to fly a full day of testing.  We only needed three or four more days of testing, but the weather had been bad and it was hard to say how long that would take.  The way the rules work at Boeing you need to retire on the first of a month to optimize your benefits.  It was looking like August first was no longer an option.  The principal objective of the day’s testing was to clear the flight envelope to Mach 1.10.  We had already flown to Mach 1.05.  Mach 1.20 was the maximum the prototype was designed for.  The weather was beautiful on Saturday.   We got some preliminary testing out of the way and refueled the airplane for the flight to Mach 1.10.  In my discipline the flutter testing would be critical.  As soon as the airplane got to Mach 1.10 it developed a problem with the redundant speed and attitude measurements.  They were not consistent.  We had a similar problem on the other airplane, but the fix was apparently inadequate.  The program decided to finish out the day with the remaining subsonic testing that was required.  The fix, a change in the software, would take a week and by the end of the day the program decided to shut down flight testing Saturday rather than delay testing a week.

I therefore found out late on Saturday the 28th that I could retire as of  Wednesday July 31st.  Monday I packed everything up to be shipped back to Seattle.  Tuesday I flew home.  Wednesday I was off the payroll.

I also retired just in time for the first ever Frisinger reunion attended by 30 Frisingers.  It was held in Estes park Colorado.  That may seem like an odd spot for a reunion for a clan all tied together to a couple who spent most of their life in Ann Arbor Michigan and whose six sons all spent most of their lives either in Michigan or an adjoining state.  However it tuned out it was reasonably central and it was close to Howard Frisinger who was coordinating it all.

The big news for Ava is where she was during the 6.8 earthquake Seattle had on February 28th.   Think of the scariest possible place to be during an earthquake in Seattle then click HERE to see if you guessed right.

The other big news is that Ava was reelected for another four year term as Mayor of Issaquah.  She did such a good job that the only person willing to run against her was the eccentric owner of a small diner who was not even a registered voter.  He ran as a write in candidate for reasons that varied depending on when you asked him.  He lost handily.  The public likes a good race.  Believe me the candidates don’t.  The only money we spent on the campaign was the filing fee.

Ava has been working so hard as Mayor that she was able to embarrass the council into giving her a substantial raise.  She was making $1,300/month.  Beginning in January she will make $4,000/month.  It helped that two of the councilmen were considering running themselves and could not make a go of it at the original salary.  


Me trying to free my sled, I have not mastered all the intricacies yet.

Scott with Lake Keechelus in the background.

Ava and I bought two used snowmobiles last winter with the idea that the extended family could use it.  We had rented some and all had fun.  With Rob living in the mountains we had an obvious place to base our operations. 

Diane and Scott had so much fun that they decided to buy two new ones of their own.  It was good to see Diane finally find something exciting about winter.  Being addicted to a winter sport is a great coping mechanism for the doldrums of the season.  

The MRI made to problem obvious to anyone. 

The herniated disk is the just above the tail bone.  The light area it is pressing into is the spinal column.   Needless to say Diane was feeling some discomfort.

Ava and I have enjoyed good health.  Things go down hill with the next generation. Diane developed a herniated disk this fall (shortly after acquiring a brand new snowmobile).  As the only member of the extended family with a drivers license and no job, I was pressed in for a lot of mister Mom jobs.  I took Diane in for her exams and surgery and stayed with her during the day for the initial recovery period.  The doctors pulled out a disk in the lower spine that was pressing on the spinal cord.  

Amber, Rob’s wife, had surgery on her “good” eye to keep it from deteriorating further.  The surgery was so successful that she can now see the large E at the top of the eye chart at ten feet.  There were a few setbacks during recovery, but things seem to be settling down.  (Be thankful I do not have photos of this surgery.  Amber offered to show me the "stitches" but I declined.)

Joshua and Kaleigh riding Federal

The latest with the grandkids is that they are taking horseback riding lessons.  When I found out they were going to start shortly after I retired, I volunteered to join them.  We are expected to be able to do everything from getting the horse in the snow-covered field to saddling them up and riding them ending with returning them to the field.  

Joshua and Kaleigh listening intently to their teacher Shannon King holding the rains of Magic, Kaleigh and Amber's favorite horse.

Our performance still leaves something to be desired such as when I was cinching the saddle down and did not notice that the stirrup on the other side was caught under the saddle, but we are making progress.  Amber has previous experience, so she is doing better.  We have practically mastered the trot and are struggling with the canter and are totally lost on the two point position which is a precursor to jumping and obstacle courses and I do not know what else.  Joshua, being not quite five yet, is somewhat behind the rest of us but seems to be generally enjoying himself and certainly riding better than any of us did at his age.

My favorite book of the year is The Civil War by Bruce Catton.  Since I spent two months in Maryland, I had a chance to visit a number of battlefields and this book put everything in perspective.

Ava has discovered the Mitford series of novels about an Episcopal priest in a small town in North Carolina.  The author is Jan Karon.

Diane’s favorite is Merrick by Anne Rice a story that combines the lives of one of the Mayfair witches with the Vampire Chronicles.

Rob and Amber liked Drinker of Blood by Lynda Robinson, a mystery set during the reign  of King Tutankhamen.   Kaleigh liked Behind Rebel Lines and Train to Midnight, both books set around the time of the Civil War.  Kaleigh has exchanged e-mail messages with the author of Train to Midnight, Janie Lynn Panagopoulos.


Wishing you all the best in this Holy Season.

May God’s Love be with you now and throughout the coming year.


Ava and Bill Frisinger


Bill with Amber and Kaleigh


My electronic address is,  bill@frisinger.net, Ava’s is ava@frisinger.net  . Our web page is:  www.frisinger.net  

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