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Miscellaneous Tricks

Hints on setting up Wireless routers:
A good network security type is:  WPA/WPA2
It allows you to set up any password you want as long as it is at least 8 characters long.
To access the setup stuff in to your router, try in your browser.  There are a variety of numbers like this so this my not be the proper one.

How to go back to the last known good computer configuration Windows XP through Vista (Used when the computer seems all messed up ant you find your self saying I wish it would run like it did on an earlier date)
During start up push, the F8 key about every second until a menu comes up.   Select “Open with last known good configuration”  You may have to select something like “Advanced Options”.   Then scroll down (with the down arrow) to a date that looks safe to you.
On a Windows 8.1 machine and probable later ones the procedure is different, in the search window type "msconfig".  When "msconfig.exe pops up, tap on it and give the computer a minute or so for the msconfig window to open.  Go to the tools tab and then "System restore" restore to a previous date.

 To see how to edit the BIOS (UEFI), Click HERE

Checking Installed RAM.  (Memory)
Watch during boot up  or   CONTROL PANEL         SYSTEM       GENERAL    Then look at the bottom of the window, it will list the amount of RAM it sees.


Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts
There are a lot but only a few are worth memorizing.  They work in most windows programs.

CTRL C     Copies the selected (highlighted) text to the clipboard (past bucket)

CTRL V     Pasts the the contents of the clipboard  in at the location of the curser

CTRL X     Cuts out the selected text an puts in in the clipboard

CTRL Z     Undoes the last step.  It does not work in all programs but it works in most.  Some applications like Microsoft Office let you do multiple undo's    This command can save a lot of heartache.

CTRL P     Prints whatever you are on.  It works all over the place, Google Maps, Microsoft Word, web pages etc.

Right clicking on the mouse brings up a list of options related to what is going on.   For example in Word, if you right click on a word that is marked as misspelled, it will bring up a list of suggested spellings.  If you are browsing the web and find a nice picture, it offers the option of copying the picture to the clipboard or saving it as your background image. If you right click on a file name, one of the options is to rename it.  Play around with the right mouse button, it is amazing all the options it can bring up.

How to navigate around when your mouse is not working

If you use the "Tab" key to toggle between selections and the "Alt + Tab" to switch between applications, you should be able to navigate to Device Manager in Control Panel.
  • Press the Windows Key to bring up the Start Menu.
  • The Arrow Keys should let you move between selections.
  • If you have access to a search box type in "Control Panel" or better yet go directly to "Device Manager".
  • Use the Tab and Arrow keys to navigate where you want to be. Pressing enter will activate the selected link.

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