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General Computer Notes, mostly maintenance related

Note, some if this information may not be up to date.   I do not update my information as often as I should. At the bottom of each page is the date I last visited the page, not all the information on the page is that new, but none if it is newer.  Every version of windows seems to do things differently and, at least with windows 10, every major upgrade makes more changes.  This is one of the reasons the fixes you find on the internet for your problem, so often do  not work.

Routine Maintenance

Fixing General Problems

A Step by Step Guide to Removing Viruses

Computer Security Software

Windows 7 Backup and Restore

Windows 10 Backup and Restore (Notes not complete yet)

Windows 10 System Repair disk and System Recovery disk

Software Security Terminology

Abbreviations of Computer Stuff  (Not Anti-Virus Related) I can never remember what it all means.  This explains a little of it.

Networking Issues (Mostly router stuff)

Buying a new PC

Speed up your PC (17 suggestions of things to try or look into)

Registry Cleaners   A Skeptical View

Miscellaneous Tricks   How to get back to a previous configuration that worked, Check for the amount of memory (RAM), Computer too slow, keyboard and mouse shortcuts.

General Software Notes and Web Sites  such as checking connection speeds, free online PC help, getting a free update to windows 10 after the deadline, generally free useful software etc.

A few HTML tricks.  In developing this web site, I have developed a couple of tricks.  I have moved a couple of web pages and I wanted a way to tell the user where they went to and I wanted to be able to have special screen for people browsing from small screens like on a smart phone.



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