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Registry Cleaners

Thoughts on Registry Cleaners.

There are a lot of them out there all from relatively unknown companies.  The typical marketing ploy is to offer a free scan which will find a lot of problems, often more than 100.  They then offer to fix them for a fee.  They claim your computer will run faster and be more stable.   Each one finds a somewhat different list and they can find a completely new list each time you update the software.  One time the new version found over 100 new problems.  Fixing them seemed to make no difference in the operation of my computer.  I have tried 3 of them and never noticed a speed increase or increased stability.  I do get a worm feeling that I am doing something good for my computer. 

I have not read comparative reviews of registry cleaners from a reliable source although you can find comparisons on the internet, they never agree on which is best.


Three recent ones I have used are.

Ccleaner  www.ccleaner.com/   This would be my first choice as this program has other uses. It is great at getting rid of temporary type files that clutter up your hard disk.  They encourage you to give a donation but are not pushy about it.  After I found my self using it on multiple machines, I sent them a modest donation.

jv16 PowerTools from http://www.macecraft.com/  30 day money back guarantee or
They now have a Power Tools Light that is free  http://www.macecraft.com/ This will find problems that Ccleaner did not but the reverse is also bound to be true.  I do not generally use this one as it is not as versatile as Ccleaner.

PC Tune Up from Large Software  http://www.largesoftware.com/  Did not like this product as well as Power tools  Also no free trial although sometimes you can get it free with another program.

Note:  Norton now offers Norton Utilities for $29.99 which includes a Registry Cleaner


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