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Windows 10 System Repair disk and System Recovery disk

Windows 10 has  two different special backup and recovery disks you can make in addition to System Image backup and File History backup.

Let me begin by defining the terms.

System Image Backup:  This is a copy of everything on your hard disks.  If your hard disk crashes and you want to replace everything without going to the original installation disks,  this is what you need.  Some computers come with  patrician that permits your to restore the computer to the original sate when you purchased it.   This is similar but will work even if the hard disk is totally trashed. It will also include any programs, such as Word, that you may have installed.  The file is huge, on the order of the size of all the files you have on your hard disk.  Easily 200 or 400 GB.  Sometimes much more.  You only want to make this backup after having made major changes to your system.

File History backup:  This is a backup of your data such as pictures and word files. You typically have your computer make this backup every few days.  Each backup catches the files changed since the last one.  It is a good idea to have this set up all the time.  The individual backups are small but over time, the total size of the backups becomes large.  It is best to use a hard disk that is some number of terabytes.

Repair disk:  This is a bootable disk that contains a collection of tools to fix various problem that might occur on any windows 10 computer that is the same (32 bit verses 64 bit) as yours and most systems are 64 bits these days.  It fits on a single DVD or CD.\

Recue disk ??  Get option to create it after making a System Image Backup

System Recovery Disk  This needs to 8 to 20 GB depending on your system.  This typically contains the stuff that a recovery patrician has if your computer came with one.  It is an inferior version of a System Image backup.  Among other things, it will require that you re-enter the windows product key.  (May be different on windows 10).  I would recommend skipping it in favor of a System Image Backup. It would make sense if you did not make a System Image backup and you had access to another computer with the save version of Windows on it.   If you do not have one, you can create one from another computer with the same version of windows, windows 10 64 bit.  It does not contain your user data.  To create one, connect the USB drive to your computer, and then type “recovery drive” into the search box. In the listed results, select “Create a recovery drive”.  In the pop out window, check the option “Back up system files to the recovery drive” and hit “Next”.  It is relatively strait forward from here on.

How to make a windows 10 repair disk:

Follow the instructions for making a System Image backup and look for link to make a repair disk.

System Recovery Disk:


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