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The Rolla Nathan and Destina Robison Frisinger
Clan about 1921

Hubert Howard

Hubert Howard, age about 12, Born January 28th, 1909 Rockford Ohio.  The name is spelled Frysinger on the berth certificate.

Ed Frisinger 1921

Clo Edward, age about 9, Born January 28th 1912, Rockford Ohio.  The name is spelled Frysinger on the berth certificate.   (Herbert’s son Joe confirms that both Hubert and Ed really were born on January 28th)

Max Robison

Max Robison (possibly Robinson originally), age about 8, Born January 2, 1914, Rockford Ohio The name is spelled Frysinger on the berth certificate.

George Paul

George Paul, age about 5, Born May 19th 1916, Rockford Ohio.


Ralph Norman, age about 3, Born December 27th, 1918, Rockford Ohio.

Not shown for obvious reasons is Charles Franklin, age about –2, Born March 27th, 1923, Rockford Ohio.

If you are interested in full sized pictures of any of these, click on the respective names.  Hubert, Ed, Max, George, or Ralph


(Note:  Frisinger was spelled Frysinger until some time between 1913 and 1916, George was apparently the first child to have his name spelled the new way on his birth certificate.  Also Robison was originally spelled Robinson.  I have no idea when the spelling was changed. The spelling on the birth certificates would help tell when the change occurred)

This set of pictures was taken in about 1921 based on the apparent ages of the younger children.  They were originally all in the same frame.  There were a number of copies, mine came from Eloise, George’s wife, when I was helping her move.  She apparently had two copies.  One was probably from the estate of Rolla Nathan Frisinger and Destina Robison Frisinger (Tina), the parents of the children pictured here.  Rolla Frisinger was born in Rockford , Mercer Co. Ohio on February 19th 1890.   Destina was born Destina Robinson, (with the n) November 25th 1888 Rockford, Mercer County, Ohio.  Pam MacKinnon, Frank’s daughter has a copy of Destina Robinson’s high school diploma.  Her last name is spelled with the “n”.  Her and her husbands death notices both spell the name “Robison”, without the “n”. It appears that the spelling was changed sometime during her life.  I do not know the spelling used on her marriage license or Max’s birth certificate or marriage license so it is hard to pin point when the change occurred.  Jim Frisinger, son of Max reported that his recollection was that Max's middle name was changed from Robinson to Robison because Robinson was a black name.  Robison was clearly preferred spelling later in life for both Max and Destina.


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