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Frisinger Genealogy Information
(Freysinger, Frysinger, or Freisinger, Friesinger)


Non Genealogy material of interest to Frisingers, 20 items.

Distribution of the Name Frisinger Between Various Countries and Various Spellings of Frisinger

Ludwig Related Material

  Ludwig  Frederick Freysinger, My first Frisinger ancestor to land in America

Exploring the possibility that Ludwig did not come from Bavaria at all

Possible European Connection (I now think this person is not our Ludwig but it is an interesting story)

Howard IconHoward L Frisinger, probably the longest living Frysinger in America and two multi page reports on his research and memories of Frysingers.  Ludwig was his great great Grandfather.   (Added 11/9/17)

Daniel Frysinger sailed on a ship bound for Philadelphia.  The boat arrived October 2, 1749 just 5 years before Ludwig.  I and others have found no trace of him in this country.  Daniel may have died during the crossing and there is no guarantee he was related to Ludwig but it is another clue which has not received much investigation to my knowledge. (Added 11/9/17)

Was Ludwig an Indentured Servant?  (Added 11/9/17)

Possible Origin of the name Frisinger and its Variants (and it is not related to the city of Freising)

Relevant maps  (Added 11/10/17)

Paperwork that was filed when the Good Ship Peggy landed in Philadelphia

A copy of legal papers dealing with Ludwig's death

Link to Johan Peter Frisinger web siteJohan Peter FRISINGER, son of Ludwig Friederick FREYSlNGER and Elizabeth PLESSEN/BLETZ  


Material Related to My Specific Lineage

         Brief Summary of Frisingers from William (me) back to Ludwig

A 7 page family history of the Family of Rolla Nathan Frisinger (born February 19th 1890) and Destina Robison Frisinger (Tina) (born November 25th 1888).  They were both born in Rockford, Mercer County, Ohio.  This was written by their son Ed in 2001.

Link to broters 1921Rolla and Destina Frisinger's children about 1921

Destina Frisigner iconDestina Frisinger dies at 90,
June 15, 1979                       Added 11/15/17

Link to Rolla Frisinger family plotFrisinger Graves in Ann Arbor (Rolla and Destina Frisinger family)

Old drawing of an unknown ladyOld 12 inch by 16 inch drawing of an unknown lady but probably a relative of mine.
  Is she a relative of yours also? 

Link to Photo of Frisinger Cemetery, Mercer County Ohio  
Another link with cemetery info.  Note Frisinger is spelled one way on the sign and another way on the tombstone of G. W. Frisinger.

bullet Frisinger Park in Ann Arbor Michigan.  It is my understanding that it is named after my Grandfather, Rolla Nathan Frisinger, who donated the land to the city as part of a real-estate development.

bullet The Murder of Charles Frysinger, Friday February 25th, 1933 Celina Ohio. Not strictly a forbearer but a close relative and great family story.  Added 3/29/17


General Frisinger Information

          Frysinger Reunion ThumbnailThere is an annual Frysinger Reunion typically in early November  of the Frysingers living in Eastern Pennsylvania.  It does not seem limited to those living in Eastern Pennsylvania as one of the webmasters, Galen Frysinger lives in Sheboygan, Wisconsin so if interested, give them an e-mail, they would probably enjoy the company.

Census data show clan migration

Pennsylvania Germans based on work by Anne Frysinger Shifflet, Ph.D.

A Ludwig Lineage put together by John H. Meyer
John H. Meyer's Ancestors, my be equivalent to the above link but definitely presented significantly differently.

Lineage of John, one of Ludwig's sons put together by John Cears Kear

Ancestors of Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
This site has a lot of background material about the early Frysingers back to Ludwig

Various early Frysinger documents put together by Robert (Bob) C. Frysinger, son of Daniel C. Frysinger  (Died 8/28/11), and the grandson of the Howard L. Frysinger quoted in the Ludwig Frederick Freysinger web page.  Bob has migrated to Virginia where he is a Research Professor of Neurological Surgery at the University of Virginia but his brother Howard is still a resident of Pennsylvania. Two other children, Bill and Margy live in Maine and Pennsylvania respectively.

IconVarious early Frysinger letters put together by Bob Frysinger, see above.


A Brazilian link to the Frisinger tree.  Not all Frisingers came to the United States.  This page relates to one who went to Brazil. It goes back to Mauritz Freysinger who was born in Ternitz Austria and who's son, Mauritz Freysinger immigrated to Brazil in the late 1800's.  Mauritz,s father was Julius Freysinger who had a mill in one of the two St. Johanns in Austria.  Both are only about 20 KM from the current German boarder.


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