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Who was Daniel Freysinger?

I recently ran across another interesting week lead.  In a set of notes from my cousin dated 1969, he sais he ran across a record of Daniel Freysinger as a passenger on the Ship Jacob which landed in Philadelphia October 2, 1749 with other immigrants from Swabia, Wirtemberg and Darmstadt.  The ship cleared from Amsterdam and last form Sheilds England.  Ludwig came over October 16, 1754 or 5 years later.   Did they know each other? Were they from the same part of Germany.   My cousin could not find any reference to Daniel in America and speculated he may have died on board.  There are better search tools today and "Daniel"  looks like an Anglicized name.  Maybe searching with the German variation would show something up although Google Translate says the name is the same in English and German.  On another subject he noted that Freising was a Roman Catholic area (as was my cousin)Ludwing was Lutheran. He speculated that this made it less likely that he came form Freising although fleeing religious persecution could have been a motivation.

The passengers on the ship that Ludwig came over on were from Wirtemberg and the Palatinate.  The two ships have passengers from Wirtemberg in common.  Darmstadt is in the state of Hesse and is in West central Germany about 35 KM south of Frankfurt, about 20 KM east of the Rhine River and close to the boarder with Rhineland-Palatinate.  It is in the same general area as Wirtemberg and the Palatinate. Swabia In conclusion, there is enough overlap that both Ludwig and Daniel could have come from the same town although most German immigrants in this time period came from this general region so do not read too much into this.

Howard L Frysinger reported in 1979 that he had also run across Daniel's name on the ship registry but could find no trace of him in America.  Howard speculated that a lot of those German people went down to South Carolina. He tried to research South Carolina but couldn't find anything.  My search in 2017 should have picked up anything in South Caralina.

As of 11/7/17 I have not done any checking on this information but I mention it here as a clue to others. If you know something about Daniel or any of my other comments, please let me know.  bill@frisinger.net.

Thine MouthNote, Amsterdam is in the upper third of the map and Rotterdam is in the bottom third.  Rotterdam is on the main branch of the Rhine, Amsterdam is on a side channel.  That is why most ships sailed from Rotterdam.  

Rhine River Mouth

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