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Non Genealogy material of interest to Frisingers
(Freysingers, Frysingers, Freisingers,
or  Friesingers)

The town of Freising Germany

Cathedral in FreisingThe Cathedral in Freising, the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Korbinian, the Cathedral of St. Mary in Freising. This is the is the cathedral church of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising   Translated to English, or in German. The panorama of the interior is particularly impressive.

Freisinger Rose link
Freisinger Morgenröete (Morgenröt) Rose

Freisingerof HotelHof Hotel on the edge Munich. From a review "If you don't Hotelneed to stay in the center of Munich or those hotels are booked, this is a charming little hotel, just out of town. The rooms are small and Spartan but with some charm. The real plus is the restaurant and beer garden." Another mentioned good if you have a car. 

Frisinger Cellars link
Frisinger Cellars, Back in operation.

Oskar FreysingerOskar Freysinger Member of the Swiss Parliament as of 2010 Swiss Peoples Party (SVP) also known as the Democratic Union of the Centre (UDC). A right wing Populist party. He was active in the drive to ban minarets in Switzerland.. To get Google Translate, click HERE. Past the web site address in the window.

Galen Frysinger
Galen R. Frysinger of Sheboygan, Wisconsin a serious traveler and another descendent of Ludwig.  He has interesting information on his forbearers and on German settlers in Pennsylvania in general.

Frysingerrinting SolutionsPrinting Solutions in Lansing MI, (517) 323-2420

FRYSINGER OIL (419) 227-1975 131 E Spring St, Lima, OH 45801.  I note this as this is near where my grandfather grew up.
PorcheFreisingerotorsporMotorsport A German company that races Porsches in Germany. They also sell cars and parts and do restorations.  For their own web site click here.

Dr. Eva Freisinger
Dr. Eva Freisinger Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at University of Zürich

Wolfgang Freysinger
Wolfgang Freysinger Head of the 4D visual imaging group at the   Innsbruck Medical University, Austria,   Publications This is imaging methods for surgeons.

Håkan Frisinger born 1928 and CEO of Volvo between 1983 and Hakan Frisinger1987, Chairman of the Board from 1997 to 1999. The Håkan Frisinger Foundation for Transportation Research which gives out annual awards and scholarships was named for him. The awards are about $40,0000 and are given for outstanding scholarship in the field of automotive engineering (not a scholarship to a premising student but rather for a successful academic.)

Anni Friesinger-Postma German speed skating champion, click HERE Annifor her own web site (in German). Anni Friesinger photo-shoot. Germany wins woman's team pursuit speed skating gold at Vancouver Olympics in spite of Anni falling during the semi-finals against the USA. She won that race by sliding across the finish line ahead of the Americans.
Click HERE for her Vancouver Olympic Bio.  Click HERE for the Wikipedia article about her in German or HERE for the article translated to English.  She is now retired from speed skating.  She is definitely the most colorful Frisinger I am aware of.

The story of Elizabeth Frisinger loosing her virginity may be even more colorful but it apparently is a houx.

Casper Freisinger, 16th Century Bavarian artist.Caspar Freisinger, 16th Century Bavarian artist 

Christian Hubert Freisinger artist
Christian Hubert Freisinger, Austrian artist.

Freisinger Chamber OrchestraFreisinger Chamber Orchestra, an amateur orchestra based in Boston MA.  The conductor is Peter Freisinger.

Lorentcito Canyon, the bookLorencito Canyon: by Vickie L. Freisinger as told to Donald G. Bross is the story of Freisinger's experiences living in a primitive cabin in southern Colorado.  Published in 2008.
 History of Meteorology to 1800 by H. Howard Frisinger  published in 1983 by the American Meteorological Society and available on Amazon.com. 
Michigan State highway expenditure policy (University of Michigan. Michigan governmental studies) by Hubert Howard Frisinger in 1954.

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