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Places mentioned in Ludwig's ships records

Places related to Daniel Freysinger
Note: We do not know if Daniel was related to Ludwig or not.  He came to America 5 years earlier and also landed in Philadelphia.   There is no record of him in this country that I can find as of 2018.  There are records of a person with his name in Germany later on.
Places mentioned in Daniel's ship records:


March 15 1782 Daniel Burial according to Ancestry.com records Mannheim, Baden (Baden-Württemberg), Preußen, parish Sandhofen, Date of birth about 1722.  (Preußen is German for Prussia so I do not know what it is doing here)

A reference to Ludwig Freysinger in 1719, probably a wedding announcement for his daughter Hoefingen Wuerttemberg.  This is obviously an earlier generation if related at all.

Places related to the 1746 wedding in Gara where Ludwig Friedrich Freysinger was listed as the printer of the wedding announcement.  There are also references to his birth a death in  so we can assume it is a different Ludwig.
, the city in Germany that many associate with Ludwig or at least his last name.

As a side note, the area around the states of Württemberg Palatinate were predominantly Protestant in a map I saw for 1980.    Three were scattered pockets of Roman Cathlics.