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Howard L Frisinger

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Howard L Frysinger

 Howard L Frysinger was born October 2, 1879.  His great great grandfather was Ludwig Freysinger.  Howard died in 1980? at the age of 101?.  He traces his line down through Ludwig's son Jacob who was born 24th October 1773 in Windsor Township, York County Pa. Jacob had a son Jacob who in tern had a son Daniel.  Daniel was Howard's Father.

Howard had a  long time interest in the Frisinger clan.  He regularly attended the Frysinger reunion that ran for 49 consecutive years, usually at Zion's View Pa. near Ludwig's homestead land.  Those reunions began in 1924.

He was an active man, retiring after 54 years working as a tax accountant for the Reading Railroad.  In his 80's he decided he would finally give the younger men a chance at his job.  At 100 he was still living in a 2 story house keeping in shape going up and down stairs.  The picture at the right was taken when he was 99.

He was born in York County but moved to adjacent Lancaster county with his familty when he was 10. He he grew up there.

He considers himself the longest living Frisinger in the United Sates ever.  Sounds good to me.

I have copies of his presentations to the Freysinger reunion in 1969 and 1079.

Talk by Howard L. Frysinger at the Frysinger Reunion July 27, 1969 Pennsylvania.
Subjects covered include:
     Observations on Ludwig
    Children of Ludwig recorded at Quickel's Church
     Grandchildren of Ludwig through Jacob
     Some Civil War stories
     and recollections about his grandfather Jacob, Ludwig's son.

Interview of  Howard L. Frysinger July 14, 1979
Subjects include:
      Why the reunions died out
      His father Daniel and his Civil War experiences
      Shaking Lincoln's hand
      Ludwig's oldest son, John
      Additional stories about Ludwig
      William the carpet manufacturer (Grandson of Ludwig by Jacob)
      Ludwig's son George, the wagon maker
      Myth of the Three Brothers (Ludwig and his brothers)
      Howard's middle "Name"
      Ludwig's Homestead sold outside the family

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