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Who is this Woman?

Old drawing of an unknown lady.

Notes on this 12 by 16 inch drawing of a woman who may be a relative of Rolla Nathan Frisinger or Destina Robison Frisinger (Tina).  Rolla Frisinger was born in Rockford , Mercer Co. Ohio on February 19th 1890.   Destina was born Destina Robinson, (with the n) November 25th 1888 Rockford, Mercer County, Ohio.  Note: Rolla Nathan Frisinger spelled his last name “Frysinger” until sometime between 1913 and 1916 based on the spellings on their children’s birth certificates.

 I first remember the picture in the early 1950s.  It was in an earlier frame and was hanging on the wall at the end of the upstairs hall at cottage owned by my parents at 13730 Rustic Drive (North Lake) Gregory Michigan.  My parents were Max and Elizabeth Frisinger but the picture was hung there by the previous owners, my Grandparents Rolla Nathan Frisinger and Destina Robison Frisinger (Tina).   Max and Elizabeth Frisinger did not know anything about the picture.  I never asked Rolla or Destina.  (I assume we all have a long list of questions we wished we had asked our parents and grandparents when they were still alive.  I know I do.)

Rolla and Destina were apparently not very interested in the picture because they did not remove it when they gave the cottage to my parents.  Also they had a fare number of pictures of historical family members that they had up on the walls of their house in Ann Arbor Michigan yet they displayed little interest in this picture.

 Perhaps it is an aunt or great aunt of Rolla or Destina who had no kids of her own so the picture got passed on to them even though they did not feel particularly close to the lady.

 The picture and frame looked very old in the 1950s (to me as a young teenager).

The picture above has some reflections in it.  The original is better.

If you have any clues as to the identity please let me know,

These notes prepared by William Frisinger, Grandson of Rolla and Destina.  5/8/10

2015 update.
There is now face recognition software available for free on the internet.  One is at:
I first tried it our with a relatively recent picture of my self.  There are plenty of images of me on the internet so it should be an easy match.  It was 85% certain I was a male and got within 15 years of my age but it could not find a plausible match at all.  It had some candidates with had around a 15% change of marching but that was all.
When I updated  a head shot of the mystery person, it did much worse.  Not only did it not get a match it was more certain that the person was a male then my picture.  It appears that it just looks for matches with famous people. It was able to idnetify a picture of Obama with a 68% certainty.  The pictures looked almost identical right down to the white shirt and dark suit jacket.
Needless to say, the CIA has much better software available.

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