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Destina Frisinger dies at 90

Rolla and Destina family

Destina and Rolla's family in a picture taken at their home on 2110 Londonderry, Ann Arbor, in 1952. Back row from left are sons Clo Edward, Max Robison, Charles Franklin, Ralph Norman and George Paul. Seated from left are Rolla, son Hubert Howard and Destina.

Destina Robison Frisinger died Fri­ day, June 15, 1979, at the Huron View Lodge in Ann Arbor, Mich. She was 90. Her legacy lives on in the lives of her five living sons, 21 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren and one great­ great-granddaughter.

Destina was born 25 November 1888 in Rockford, Mercer Co., Ohio. She was the daughter of John (J.J.J Jackson Robison and Malissa Redman. J.J. was a shoemaker in Rockford. He had a shop there.

J.J. was born somewhere in Indiana 2 March 1850. He died at the relatively young age of 51 on 21 May 1901 and is buried at Riverview Cemetery in Rock­ ford. Destina was only 12 when he died.  J.J. was the son of Persifer F. Robison, a cabinetmaker, and Susan Moore.  Persifer was born 13 October 1818 somewhere in Pennsylvania. He died, at age 69, on 29 November 1887. He is buried under what is now a ballfield on Pearl Street at the foot of Clay Street in Rockford. A few tombstones, including his, were moved to the edge of the field when the ball diamond was put in. His wife Susan is buried there, too, her tombstone surviving at the same location. Susan was born 10 March 1826 in New York. She died 26 July 1888.

Destina never saw her grandma or grandpa Robison.  Persifer and Susan brought the family to Rockford about 1858, though they may have been in Ohio at some previous time. Some of Persifer's cabinetry survives.

Getting back to Destina's father, J.J.  He was married to Malissa Redman, Destina's mother, in 1853, in Ohio. She lived to the ripe old age of 76, dying in 1929. She, too, is in the Riverview Cemetery in Rockford. She was the daughter of William Redman and Mary Ann An­derson. William and Mary Ann were both born in Pennsylvania.

Destina had a number of brothers and sisters and outlived them all. Among her siblings were William, Seymor, Frank R., Flora, Nimmie and Lowell. Whether there were more, I do not know.

Destina attended Lima Business College in 1907.


She married Rolla Nathan Frisinger on 19 April 1908 when she was only 19 years old in Newport, Campbell Co., Kentucky - just across the Ohio border. Rolla was 15 months younger than Destina and only 18 when married. Rolla was the son of George Washington Frisinger, a livery owner and gentleman farmer, and Arena Hesser. George Washington Frisinger was the great-grandson of Peter Frisinger the son of Ludwig Frisinger who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1754.

Destina and Rolla made their home in Rockford for over a decade. During that time Rolla served as Rockford mayor (1920-21) and postmaster (1913- 1921). President Woodrow Wilson had appointed him to the post.

Rolla. his distant cousin Herbert L. Frisinger and Walter Lewis formed the Rockford Construction Co. in the 1920s. They moved that company, along with their families, to Ann Arbor in 1926. The company subsequently became known as the Lewis and Frisinger Co. which employed many of Rolla's sons at various times.

Destina and Rolla lived at 201 Franklin in Rockford for about 10 years. The home sits on the southwest corner of Franklin and Pearl. In Ann Arbor they lived first at 1601 Brooklvn and since about 1950 at 2110 Londonderry.

Rolla died 23 January 1961 while they were vacationing in Santa Monica, California, where they loved to spend winters. He was 70.

Destina continued living in the brick house atop Londonderry on Ann Arbor's near east side, winning the hearts of her grandchildren by "insisting" they never leave her home on visits without some candy.

A stroke suffered in 1974 left her partially paralyzed and sent her to Huron View for the rest of her days.

She and Rolla are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Ann Arbor on the far north side hill overlooking Washington Heights and Nichol's Arboretum.

This article is This information was scanned from “The Frisinger Family Chronicle March 1980 issue (The only issue) published by James Frisinger.)


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