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Small panorama of cabin taken in 2003.  It looks like Brenda is relaxing after having prepared a great meal.  Dave is busy with the dishes.

For a medium size one, 5590 by 450 pixels, .4 meg click HERE.  For a large one, 11376 by 984l pixels, 1.3 meg click HERE.

If your browser automatically sizes the picture to fit on your screen, double click on the image and you will get an icon that you can click on to see the picture full size.  Needless to say, you will need to scroll to see the total picture.




The front porch is always a good place to relax.  Pictured from left to right are Jim Whitaker, Dave Whitaker, and Brenda Whitaker  (2000)

For more views from the porch click HERE.



Jim relaxing in front of the fire place, September 2001

The fire place was designed an built by Bob Richardson.


This is the signature rock on the fire place because the builder was a surgeon.  Why do you think this pattern would appeal to a surgeon?





Mike J.




Rob and Joshua Frisinger (2001)





It looks like Janie has a great meal prepared.




The guys must have cooked the meal because it looks like Ava Frisinger is cleaning up. (1997)





Somebody is in the master bedroom, probably reading a book (1995)





View from the loft window (1997)




From left to right, Jim, Dave and Barbie, the three siblings who owned the island originally purchased by their parents. (2003 photo)


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