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Getting to and from the Island

This dock in Horseshoe Bay is the place we start out from. You see the sailboat and the two nice cruisers out on the dock. Well, those are the wrong boats. This is a budget operation, so get in the first boat on the left after bailing it out. Dave swears he has fixed the leaks this year.  But then, that is what he has been saying for years.

This picture was taken in 1998.  Since then the dock has been replaced and relocated but Dave is still working on the leaks.



Approaching the Island.




Coming in to the island harbor.  This picture was taken in 1998 so the water level is higher than now.

The island originally had no harbor at all. The boats had to be dragged up on the rocks whenever they were not in use. This harbor was made by extensive dynamiting after drilling holes deep into the rock. There was an ongoing effort for many years to make the resulting sea wall stronger and deepening the harbor by removing rubble and a few large rocks from the bottom. The sail boat is an original design by Dave and is a twin-masted catamaran that is designed to be easily disassembled for storage.  There is only one mast in the picture.  Dave sometimes sails it this way to make it easier to handle by one person on windy days.



Loading up to leave. This looks more like a day trip but, you get the idea. (1998)





Negotiating the passage out of the harbor can be a challenge when there is a strong wind from the south east -- as in this day.    (1998)





The boat has cleared the harbor, but is the motor clear of the rocks yet?  (1998)





Leaving the island behind as we head back to Horseshoe Bay, signifying the end of another beautiful vacation in McGregor Bay.





Returning to the dock in Horseshoe Bay (2000)

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