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A True Record Of Accomplishments Is Why We’re Endorsing Ava Frisinger For Mayor. 


Fred Foster 
Crash Nash 
Faris Taylor 
Denise Jarvis 
Tommie Troutman 
Ed Authier 
Jacqueline D. Kennedy
Mark Bowers 
Robert Ittes 
Jimmy Lee 
Marilyn Ittes 
Walter Seil 
Levi Cannon 
Steve Bell 
David Young
Frank Troutman 
Jean Sillers 
Bob Gray 
Patty McGinnis Gray
John L. O'Brien 
Roy Peterson 
Voyislav Kokeza 
Laura Bell 
Joan Probala 
Fred Nystrom 
Mardi Nystrom 
Greg Spranger 
Aaron Barouh 
James Dealy 
Barbara Justice
Barbara Slosson 
Dick Slosson 
Jenny Kramer 
Nedra Foshee 
Marilyn Boyden 
Antoinette Lee 
Jim Sloane 
Steve Lyman 
Jake Schultz 
David Bangs 
Randy Harrison 
Rosemarie Butler 
Don Monchil 
Margaret Davis 
George Davis

Elected Officials

Larry Phillips, King County Council Chair
David Irons, King County Council 
Jay Rodne, 5th District Representative
Larry Ishmael, Issaquah School Board
Glenn Anderson, State Representative
Michael Winkler, Issaquah School Board
Cheryl Pflug, State Senator
Ron Sims, King County Executive
Fred Butler, Issaquah City Council President 
Russell Joe, Issaquah City Council
Connie Marshall,
Bellevue Mayor
Mary Odermat, Medina Mayor
Mary Alice Burleigh, Kirkland Mayor
Jeanne Berry, Yarrow Point Mayor 
Mark Warner,  Issaquah School Board Member
Dino Rossi, Former State Senator
Rowan Hinds, Former Issaquah Mayor
Ernie Smith, Former Issaquah Council Member
Brian Thomas, Former 5th District State Representative
A. J. Culver, Former Issaquah Mayor
Wayne Hopman, Former Issaquah City Council Member


Seattle King County Realtors

King County Democrats (Dual Endorsement)

Women's Political Caucus

Affordable Housing Council

Eastside Business Alliance

King County Journal

Seattle Times

Issaquah Press


What others have to say:

"It is always a pleasure to work with Ava.  She is always reasonable and committed to what is best for Issaquah.”
     Cheryl Pflug, State Senator

"Ava represents the best in public service.  Principled, open-minded and a bipartisan attitude to community problem-solving."
     Glenn Anderson, State Representative 

“Through the years, Ava’s environmental stewardship has been unsurpassed protecting our open spaces and region’s salmon.”
     Larry Phillips, King County Council Chair 

“In the seven years I was in the Senate, in my experience Mayor Ava 
Frisinger, always had the best interest of Issaquah in mind, and not any special interest or personal agenda.”

     Dino Rossi, Former State Senator

“When I was in the House the things that impressed me the most about Ava was that she was an excellent listener and was always very practical.”
     Brian Thomas, State Representative

“Ava Frisinger is my choice for Mayor of Issaquah.”
     Ron Sims, King County Executive

“Mayor Frisinger is a tireless advocate for the people of the City of Issaquah and she has become a respected regional leader on a range of issues including transportation and the environment.”
     Jay Rodne, State Representative


If you would like to endorse Ava please send a note with your signature to Re-Elect Frisinger Mayor
70 East Sunset Way, PMB 133
 Issaquah WA 98027 

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