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  2005 Frisinger For Mayor

Ava wins landslide victory with 60% of the vote.  
Thanks to all for your wonderful support.

Endorsed by King County Journal

Endorsed by Seattle Times

Endorsed by Issaquah Press

A Record of Accomplishment

    Effective Leadership

         Strong Fiscal Responsibility

             Environmental Stewardship


During the campaign this page was combined with the material in the Mayor home page.


Who is Supporting Ava's Re-election bid?

Community Involvement

What the Newspapers and Others Have to Say

Does the Mayor Have a Vote?

Position on the Bypass

What have you already done to 
alleviate traffic?

First Mailer, A Real Record on 
Constructive Solutions
  (Large PDF File)

Second Mailer, What other leaders 
have to say about Ava, Real Solutions:
(Large PDF File)

Biographical Information 

I Want to Help 


Got Questions, Call Ava at 425-392-5797, she is home some evenings, 
or e-mail her at ava@frisinger.net
or send he a letter at:

Re-Elect Frisinger Mayor
70 East  Sunset Way,   PMB 133
 Issaquah WA 98027

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Rev 11/23/05