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What the newspapers and others have to say about Ava

bulletIssaquah Reporter, 2/6/09 Issaquah Mayor named top public official

bulletIssaquah Reporter, 12/31/08 The news that was - what made headlines in 2008

bulletSeattle Times EASTSIDE, 1/24/06 A cantankerous community, splitting at the seams

bulletIssaquah Press, 11/16/05  Frisinger easily wins re-election

bulletIssaquah Press, 11/2/05 Let Frisinger continue her stretch of strong leadership

bulletIssaquah Press, 11/2/05 Endorsement Editorial, Frisinger best choice for Issaquah mayor

bulletIssaquah Press, 11/2/05 Letter to the Editor, Let Frisinger continue her stretch of strong leadership

bulletIssaquah Press, 11/2/05 Letter to the Editor, Frisinger's capable guidance equals community prosperity

bullet Letter Support from Retired Police Chief Dag Garrison

bulletKing County Journal, 10/31/05 Issaquah mayoral race hinges on traffic issues

bulletSeattle Times, 10/31/05 Endorsement Editorial, In bursting Issaquah

bulletKing County Journal, 10/29/05 Endorsement Editorial, In Issaquah, Frisinger is choice for mayor

bulletKing County Journal, 10/27/05 Letter to the Editor,  Frisinger a strong leader

bulletKing County Journal, 10/21/05 Letter to the Editor,  Frisinger good for city

bulletIssaquah Press, 10/12/05 Letter to the Editor, 
Frisinger has earned the right to be Re-Elected mayor

bulletKing County Journal, 10/8/05 Letter to the Editor,  Frisinger has vision for city

bulletSeattle Times, 10/8/05, Issaquah mayoral candidates at odds over traffic

bulletKing County Journal, 10/6/05 Issaquah mayor proposes $24.4 million budget for 2006

bulletSeattle Times, 9/30/05, Guest Columnists,  
Piecing together a great future for a powerful Eastside

bulletIssaquah Press, 9/28/05 Letter to the Editor, 
Keep Frisinger, who has done an outstanding job as mayor of Issaquah

bulletKing County Journal, 9/25/05 Letter to the Editor,  
Frisinger shows restraint
  This was also in the 9/28/05 issue of the Issaquah Press under the headline,
Frisinger the right choice to lead the city

bulletKing County Journal, 9/17/05 Letter to the Editor,  
Frisinger does good job

bulletKing County Journal, 9/10/05 Residents can chat with mayor at breakfast today

bulletSeattle Times EASTSIDE, 8/15/05 Others intrigued by Issaquah's new law (on Sex Offenders)

bulletSeattle Times EASTSIDE, 7/14/05 Voters could get their say on bypass

bulletSeattle Times EASTSIDE, 6/23/05  Final vote on Issaquah bypass July 5

bulletIssaquah Press, 8/17/05 Online Survey:  50% favored taxiing themselves to build the Southeast Bypass, 41% apposed with the remainder undecided.

bulletEastside Journal, 5/9/02  Southeast Bypass future in doubt - Issaquah mayor backs plan as costs, opposition grow.   No longer on the web.

bulletAva is one of the Seattle 30, those trapped in the Space Needle during the February 28 2001 Earth Quake, excerpted from the March 7th 2001 Issaquah Press.

bulletEastside Journal 2/20/01  Issaquah mayor says no thanks to county plan - City: North Spar, Southeast Bypass separate projects.   No longer on the web.

bulletEastside Journal 1/11/01  Issaquah looks at a full-time mayor   No longer on the web.

bulletEastside Journal 12/5/00 Issaquah growth cuts city property tax rate: - City has $1.5 million more in 2001 budget  No longer on the web.

bulletEastside Journal 8/6/00 Stuck in traffic: For Issaquah, no end in sight to freeze on permits for major new construction.   No longer on the web.

bulletRon Sims Press Release, 3/20/2000 First Transfer of Development Credits in NW celebrated

bulletThe Economist 7/31/99 , the leading English news weekly, had a series of articles on sprawl in America.   One segment dealt with Issaquah and the surrounding area.  

bulletSeattle Times Nov. 5, 1997 Frisinger leads but absentees my decide the race.

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