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Letter to the Editor, published in the King County Journal, October 21, 2005


Frisinger good for city

At a time when many of the solutions to the challenges facing our cities require regional cooperation and solutions, Issaquah is fortunate to have the solid, experienced leadership of Mayor Ava Frisinger. Her calm and careful voice is listened to with respect as she advances Issaquah's issues in the regional context.

Ava's leadership on a variety of area boards and commissions ranging from intercity cooperation, public health, salmon habitat protection and transportation has served the region as well as her city. These efforts have resulted in many benefits for Issaquah such as more transit service and funding for transportation improvements.

Ava's articulate and passionate advocacy for her city is a model of class and skill. To have such a trusted leader with a vision of the future is special. Ava deserves re-election so that she can continue the work she does so well.

Jeanne Berry,  Mayor, Yarrow Point

Mary-Alyce Burleigh,  Mayor, Kirkland

Connie Marshall,  Mayor, Bellevue

Mary Odermat,  Mayor, Medina


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Rev. 10/21/05