Computer Security (Anti-Virus) Software

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This is a list of some good anti-virus type programs

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Free Anti-Virus programs

Windows (Microsoft) Defender comes installed on Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
Not very good so install something else.  Will need to turn this program off if not already done by the program you installed.


Your internet service provider may have a free version of one of the good paid ones you can download.


AVG Anti Virus (Anti-Malware)

Free AVG Anti Spyware
Note this product does not do automatic updates, you have to request one each time you want it.
Unlike anti-virus programs, it can be run along side any anti-virus program.

Pay Anti-Virus programs
Kaspersky Internet Security $49.95 for 3 devices at Best Buy.
This is my current favorite. 30 day free trial.

Spyware Doctor with antiVirus $39.95 direct

Eset Node 32 Anti-virus $39.99/Yr with 30 day free trial

Webroot Antivirus with AntiSpyware $38.99 for up to 3 devices

Norton Security deluxe $49.99 for up to 5 devices.

McAfee Total Protection, $44.99 for up to 3 devices.
Norton and McAfee have fallen in the ratings lately. (2014)

Parental Control Programs
Net Nanny ($39.99)