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Favorite Software including smart phone apps and useful web sites

They are not chosen for their general appeal but rather the sites I want to find when I am logging in from someone else's computer and do not have my own list of Favorites to draw on.   It also includes links to some programs that look interesting.  If I have not actually tried them, I usually note that.

LibreOffice (Replaces OpenOffice):  A free substitute for Microsoft Office.  Click HERE for detailed info. If you are not a heavy user of Office, it is a good substitute.  The only big nuisance is you have to change the default format to match what Office uses.  My notes explain how.

Urban Legends  (Every time I get an urban legend masquerading as truth, I respond, usually with info from one of these sites.  This occurs more than once a month.)

Graphics and Video Editing software on the Desktop


Photo and video programs for smart phonesPhoto and Video Software on iPhones
and some other smart phones



Link to Maps apps on smart phonesMaps, mostly hiking/skiing related on the iPhone and some other smart phones


General Apps on iPhones and some other smart phones (Only partially developed so far) 

General Computer Related Web Sites  such as checking connection speeds, free online PC help, generally free useful software etc.

General Non-Computer Web Sites such as as medical links and interesting non-computer related web sites and Criminal Justice Web sites.

      I90 Road Conditions
      WSDOT Pass conditions
      Summit at Snoqualmie Ski Area

        Weather Radar around Silver Star
        Weather forecast for Silver Star (only up in winter) 
        Sovereign Lake Cross Country Center
        BC Road Conditions 


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Rev 8/3/15