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General Non-Computer Web Sites

Life Expectancy Calculator  When I did this in 2011 when my calendar age was 70, It calculated my life expectancy as 95 compared to 82 for the average person my age with a virtual age of 57.  Factors that really helped were being haply married and lots of collage.  Things that heart were being over weight, driving over 20,000 miles a year and engaging in somewhat risky behavior (hiking, mall walking would be safer).  

Medical Links

General (mostly free) Download site, also has reviews and other stuff.  hhttp://www.cnet.com/
A relatively safe place to download software from.  If I see some software recommended with a link to another site, I often go to this site to get it as I have a greater confidence in the authenticity and safety of the software.

General Software, mostly free

Google Earth:   http://earth.google.com/

Google Maps: http://maps.google.com/  (Not a program but a very good web site.)

Hulu  Offers film clips and lots of TV programs one of which is all or Rick Steve's Travel programs.

Celestia,   Planetarium software www.shatters.net/celestia  Have not tried but looks good.

On-Line Subscriptions

A good source of on line news is the New York Times and the format I like best is their daily “Today’s Headlines” e-mail.  It lists headlines and a single sentence description of top articles in their paper for the day.  You can then click on the ones you are interested in and read the whole article.  At times it is a day or so behind their paper but that is not a big issue.
When you sign up you can select topics you are interested in such as World, Sports or Op-Ed.
“Today’s Headlines” is only one of their e-mail options, you have to scroll down a little to get to it.
You must sign up and get a password but there is no charge at this time.

Criminal Justice System web sites (Don't even ask why I need to keep these handy):

King County Jail inmates

Washington Court Records Civil and Criminal

Pierce County Jail inmates


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