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Why it's Great to be a Pilot

Flying close finger tip formation in a flight of four.

 Doing formation join-ups in the A-4 around big beautiful columns of Cumulus clouds.
Sunrises seen from the high flight levels that make the heart soar.

 Flying the ball to touchdown and feeling the tug as you engage a wire.

 Cruising mere feet above a billiard-table-flat cloud deck at mach .86.

 Punching out the top of a low overcast while climbing 6,000 feet per minute.
The majesty and grandeur of towering cumulus.

 Max gross weight cat shots.

 Seeing the shadow of your plane on the clouds below in the center of a perfect circle of a rainbow.

 The delicate threads of St. Elmo's Fire dancing on the windshield at night.

 Cloud formations that are beautiful beyond description.

 Seeing the approach strobes appear through the fog on an approach to minimums when there is not enough fuel left to go somewhere else.

 The majestic panorama of an entire mountain range stretched out beneath you from horizon to horizon.

 The brief, yet tempting, glimpse of runway lights after you've already
committed to the missed approach.

 Maneuvering the airplane through day lit canyons between towering  cumulus clouds.

 Sunsets of every color imaginable.

 Realizing that flight is a type of freedom most people will never experience.

 And the best .. watching countless rounds of 23/37/57 MM being shot at you, and ALL missing.


I got this from a retired Navy pilot with experience in Viet Nam.  He also supplied me with "USN Air or USAF?"

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4/23/08 ew