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These are a few of my favorite bits of 
material off the web that falls into any category but humor

Great Civics Test   I am always suspicious of the bias of such tests.  This one is per haps biased towards the business end of the Republican party or perhaps the editors of the Economist but it is basically relatively free of any bias.  It takes about 15 minutes and you will need to be careful or you will miss a few that you shouldn't.  I scored 88%.  I missed 2 questions because I was careless.  The others I just did not know.  

What the World Eats  (Very good, but if you have a dial-up connection, better skip it) 

The Ballad of Cynthia Ann  First published in a 1956 issue of American Heritage.  I was 15 at the time.  It is still the most touching article I have ever read. (Link to the American Heritage web site)  

The World Clock (See various statistics change as you watch.)
This is a link to another web site.

The color Test  (Link to another web site)    

Shift Happens Narrated  This is a very good presentation of the shift in what is happening between countries (YouTube Video)  

From a teacher friend

A Prowler Driver's Eye-View of "Shock & Awe"

Round The World Saga of Pacific Clipper

Are these items moving?

Interesting Illusions

Which Face is Angry 

Map of the distribution of US population by race It starts out zoomed in on New York City but you can zoom out and back in any where in USA.

Power Point Files  (If you do not have Microsoft Power Point, click HERE then search on Power Point Viewer.  There is also a version for the Mac.)
To advance to the next image if it does not happen automatically or quick enough, click with the mouse of hit ENTER.  If you want to exit before it is complete, try the SEC key.


DHL Airbus verses Missile over Iraq

Joyous Noel

Pretty Blue Planet

Kunstphotographie Pictures

Global Village    


A Different Christmas Poem  (Supporting our troops)




 The Battle Hymn of the Republic as song by School children and well illustrated.  It is from the Military Support Pages of Great Dane Pro

Criminal type information

Locations of felons who live near you    Seems legit.  

Legal Entanglements in the State of WA, The person may be a defendant,  plaintiff etc.  and for traffic infractions on up.  Both Civil and Criminal. 

King County Jail Inmate info    

Pierce County Superior Court Records    Civil and Criminal 

Pierce County Jail Inmate info      

National Sex Offender Public Website   Search by Name 

Map of Sex Offenders in your neighborhood for the State of Washington.    

Nation Wide Criminal Searches,  Not all encompassing but has some out of state info you might not find elsewhere


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