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You have probably heard by now that nobody else has filed to run against Ava.  For this she is vary thankful.  Hard work early in the campaign paid off.  This early work did not come cheap.  The campaign still has an outstanding loan of $1,000 to Ava (She also contributed $2,000 to the campaign in addition to the loan).  We hope to retire as much of that loan as possible by election day.

Please send your contribution to:

Neighbors for Ava
70 East  Sunset Way, PMB 140
Issaquah WA 98027

Make the checks payable to Neighbors for Ava  

If your address isn't on the check, please include it.  If your gifts in aggregate exceed $100, please include the name of your employer and the city it is in.
Thank you for your support in this campaign.

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