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I’m Ava Frisinger, Mayor of Issaquah. Thank you for taking an interest in my campaign for re-election and in the community we love and I have proudly served as Mayor since 1997.

Issaquah stands at crossroad during this uncertain time. As the region’s population grows, more pressure is placed on our infrastructure and our environment. This causes traffic congestion, threatens water quality, and encroaches on the open spaces that characterize the Issaquah Creek Valley and our mountains. I believe that local government plays a critical role in facilitating smart and sustainable growth in our community so that our legacy of a vibrant lifestyle and healthy environment will be passed on to future generations.

It has been an honor serving the citizens of Issaquah for the past 12 years and that is why I am running for re-election so that I can continue working to keep Issaquah a great place to live.

As your mayor my top priorities will be to:

  • Continue working to make Issaquah a sustainable community
  • Reduce local traffic congestion
  • Build our job base by creating an attractive investment environment for businesses
  • Protect our environment by preserving streams and open spaces
  • Continue to balance the city’s budget in these tough times

I look forward to earning your support and vote during this campaign and welcome your questions and involvement.

Very Truly Yours,

Ava Frisinger
Mayor of Issaquah

Rev 10/29/09