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link To Christmas 2008 LetterChristmas 2008 Letter

2005 through 2007 Have not been converted to HTML files yet.  (or the ones after this.)

Christmas 2004 Letter  Diane is pregnant

Christmas 2003 Letter  Rob's new house

Christmas 2002 Letter Bill is seriously settling in to retirement.

Christmas 2001 Letter  Bill Retires, Diane has back surgery

Christmas 2000 Letter  Diane and Scott get married, Bill transferred to Edwards AFB California.

Christmas 1999 Letter  Rob and Amber buy a house

Christmas 1998 Letter Diane and Scott buy a house

Christmas 1997 Letter  Ava Elected mayor

Christmas 1996 Letter Rob and Amber are married

Christmas 1995 Letter Elizabeth Frisinger dies

Christmas 1994 Letter Ava forms Green Heron Consulting


Christmas 1993 Letter Diane returns from spending a year in Florida

Christmas 1992 Letter Diane moves to Florida to take care of my mother after my father dies.

Christmas 1991 Letter  Robert spends fall quarter studying in London

No Christmas letter this year

Christmas 1989 Letter  Robert a freshman at the U of Washington

Christmas 1988 letter is misplaced

Christmas 1987 Letter  Diane graduates from high school.

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Our Condo at Silver Star (BC Ocanagan region near Vernon) 
Note:  "Ocanagan" is the Canadian spelling.  The US spelling for the same valley but south of the boarder is "Okanogan"

Silver Star Ski Resort

Sovereign Lake X-County Ski Area

Silver Star Adventures (Snowmobiling)



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